Webinars for Donors

Is the Price Right? The Role of Pricing in Microenterprise Lending. Over the last few years, the interest rate issue in microfinance has been a hot topic among those engaged in international programs. Concerns about over-indebtedness, coupled with questions about the pressures some microlenders have placed on borrowers, have fueled debate and a movement for greater transparency in pricing. Now these issues seem to be emerging in the US market as some for-profit lenders offer consumer and business loans at what appear to be considerably higher rates. What's right? What's fair? Where's the US nonprofit field in this, and what are the implications for funders? This webinar explores these questions drawing on an analysis summarized in FIELD's Funder Guide 17, with commentary by Brett Simmons of microlender ACCION Chicago and Paul Leonard of the Center for Responsible Lending. Download podcast, view webinar, or download PowerPoint.

Financial Literary and Credit Building in Microenterprise Programs. This one-hour webinar, hosted by the Asset Funders Network, shared the results of research documenting the engagement of microenterprise programs in strategies that promote financial education and credit building. The webinar explored traditional initiative such as financial literacy training, IDAs, and credit reporting services, and focused on new strategies that promote financial capability including credit builder loans and secured credit cards, which support strong financial skills and behaviors. Elaine Edgcomb and Luz Gomez of FIELD and Manny Hidalgo, Executive Director, Latino, presented. Access webinar and materials.

Introduction to Tax Prep Services for Microentrepreneurs, a Webinar for Funders. This one-hour Webinar introduces the emerging field of tax preparation services for microentrepreneurs and demonstrates the potential for this work to deliver financial planning and asset development to millions of the self-employed. The Webinar highlights six programs, led by both microenterprise organizations and free tax-preparation sites, which are successfully serving thousands of entrepreneurs. Presenters Laura Arce, Director of the Self-Employment Tax Initiative (SETI) at CFED, and Gene Severens, Senior Advisor to SETI, also discuss how the new "Making Work Pay" tax credit created in the federal stimulus package provides an opportunity to reach even larger numbers. Download podcast or View Webinar or View Powerpoint.

EITC, Assets and Microenterprise in Native Communities. This 1½-hour Webinar describes how Earned Income Tax Credits, asset building and microenterprise development are being used to help Native American families and communities achieve economic security. Produced in November 2008, the Webinar features Elsie Meeks and Joanna Donohoe from First Nations Oweesta Corporation; Tanya Fiddler of Four Bands Community Fund; and Ana Marie Argilagos from the Annie E. Casey Foundation. The Webinar was jointly sponsored by the Microenterprise Funders Group, the EITC Funders Network and the Asset Funders Network.Access Webinar and support materials. 

Painting (a Microenterprise Story) by Numbers: A Look at Client Data. This Webinar presents key survey findings from clients interviewed by 34 microenterprise programs. In addition to data on key client outcomes, Marsha Bailey, President/CEO of Women's Economic Ventures in Santa Barbara, Calif., discusses what WEV has learned about collecting client survey data, and shares ideas on to build a more effective industry-wide data collection process. Download MP3 version or View Webinar or View Powerpoint.